About Leigh -

I'm a Pet Photographer, and I am having the time of my life!


What could be better than meeting wonderful pets and their families; rolling on the floor with these critters, and making the Mom cry (tears of joy) when she comes back to view the photos!


This adventure began when I would take photos of my friends at dog trials and other events.  There are plenty of photographers at the confirmations events, but few everywhere else.  I seem to have the knack for clicking at just the right second to get awesome pictures and owners are thrilled to get these shots.

I now have a studio attached to our home and am able to offer more formal shots.  This works well as I can control the environment; we aren't dependent on the weather or sunlight; and afterwards it is a private, relaxed viewing where my customers can see the products offered and take their time choosing the ones they love.

I now tend to do studio portraits for the majority of the time.   I enjoy playing with the photo after the fact using a variety of "photoshop" type programs to give you a stunning picture you can't wait to hang on your wall.

I don't like to hand over the file and tell you to print it yourself, any more than my father (Ken Morrey Photography) would have just given you a roll of film.  I have a boutique of products that I am proud to show you.  We will ensure your pictures are displayed in a way to make you feel like your heart is in your throat when you enter a room.

I invite you to make an appointment to drop by and see what is available, or for a photo session with your best friend.

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