Happy Valentine's Day

We are excited to offer this stunning art board for your consideration this Valentine's day.

This is huge! 

This board is 10"x20" -  laminated, on a stiff styrene backing.  Displayed on an easel or hang on the wall - either will make your heart soar every time you walk into the room.Various styles available. 

Imagine how good it will feel to hand over this treasure to your loved one! -- or treat yourself!

" These pictures are a style you probably haven't seen available in the Saskatoon area before. 


I love capturing the beauty of your pet close up, and creating something very unique.  Many of my pictures look like a painting. 


The detailed expressions; the love in the eyes; these are very important to me.

It is not necessary for your dog to hold something in his mouth on command.  Heck, many of my subjects don't even sit when told.  Doesn't matter, my magic will make it all good! "


                        - Leigh Michel, photographic artist

Our Valentine's day offer:

Bring one or two pets to our studio for a session which will result in ten images for you to choose from. At this time we will discuss the various templates available, and choose wording and style you love.


After about three days, these images will be available to you in the form of a video slide show, as well as social media/low resolution pictures. You may prefer to return to the studio to view and choose photos; or find it easier to do this on line. Both work!

I will add your chosen images to the board; get your approval and order from the printing company.  This takes about five - seven business days. Then your perfect Valentine's day gift is ready.

This one-time package includes all studio sitting fees, slide show and low resolution files; as well as your awesome 10X20" art board - complete with luster coating for protection, embassy texture paper; and mounted on 3mm styrene board. Your choice of sayings. You will also receive a complementary 8X10 print. ($50 vale)

Sessions before Valentine's day are very limited, or gift cards are available.

This package is available for $175.00.

Contact us at Leigh.Michel@gmail.com or phone 306.384.2528 to book today!

Not quite what you are looking for? No problem, please visit our home page or contact us for more options.